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Access Agreement- Liability Insurance Policy

The Russell Regional Multiplex Management Committee approves the following policy regarding the need for an access agreement and liability insurance coverage for all renters.  
1)      Definition: Outside Users – All groups using the Multiplex facility that are not directly controlled by the Multiplex or the Town of Russell. 
2)      Multiplex Management must supply approved correspondence to the potential user identifying the Boards requirements as identified in this policy previous to obtaining access. 
3)      All Outside Users must complete and sign an approved facility rental agreement prior to use of the facility. 
4)      The Renter shall not occupy the Premises without first providing evidence in writing satisfactory to the Town of comprehensive general liability insurance for the mutual benefit of both the Renter and the Town of Russell, The Multiplex Management Committee & Employees, against claims for bodily injury, including death, and property damage or loss arising out of the use or occupation of the Premises by the Renter, its agents, servants, employees, contractors and invitees; such insurance shall be for the amount of not less than Two Million ($2,000,000.00)Dollars per occurrence with a maximum aggregate of Two Million ($2,000,000.00) Dollars.