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Concession Operation Policy
  The Russell Regional Multiplex Management Committee approves the following policy regarding operation of the Russell Regional Multiplex Concession: 
1)      Definitions:        i.            Community Users – is a group which rents either, the ice surface, section seating, concourse or Legion Room for an event.  The Group must be a not-for-profit entity based in Russell.                                          
                                 ii.            Recognized Community Group – is a not-for-profit entity based in Russell that has been identified as being interested in operating the Russell Regional Multiplex Concession during events. 
 2)      The Russell Regional Multiplex Concession will be provided to Community Users to be operated as part of their event.  The Community User will share in the proceeds generated at the Concession during the event based on the Multiplex’s Concession Gross Margin Policy. 
3)      Should the Community User identified for an event not be interested in operating the Concession during the event; Russell Regional Multiplex Management will be permitted to offer operation of the Concession to a Recognized Community Group.  The Recognized Community Group would operate the Concession during the event based on the Multiplex’s Concession Gross Margin Policy. 
4)      All Community Users and Recognized Community Groups must provide a minimum of 2 members per team to operate the Concession (the workers must include at least one adult and NO ONE under the age of 14).  At least 1 member of the team has to have operated the Concession on at least 1 occasion prior to the current event. 
5)      Failure by the Community User or the Recognized Community Group to: properly account for funds received, account for inventory used or sold,  properly clean equipment and facilities ·         properly care for equipment while operating the Concession  may result in a penalty against the Community User or Recognized Community Group.  The amount of the penalty to be determined on a case by case basis by the Russell Regional Multiplex Management Committee.                                                                                                             
Adopted :Oct 29/12