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Facility Rental Policy
  The Russell Regional Multiplex Management Committee approves the following policy regarding facility rental rates. 1)  Definitions:                               
i.            Peak Time: Demand for access to the facility fluctuates by season and by time of day.  Based on historical usage the following are considered peak time:            
Monthly          September 15th – April 15th            
Daily               Monday-Friday           4 p.m. – 10 p.m.                                   
                       Saturday – Sunday      9 a.m. –   9 p.m.  
 In order to be considered a peak daily time, the date must be in a peak monthly period.                             
ii.            Non Peak Time: All times not included in the peak times as referred in 1(i). 
iii.            Set-up Time: Time required by a potential renter of the facility to set-up for their event.  Set-up time to be a maximum of 8 hours prior to date of event .                           
iv.            Tear Down Time: Time required by a potential renter of a facility to tear down and clean up after an event.  Maximum 10 hours after date of event.
  2)      On an annual basis the Multiplex Management Board should review all rental rates as part of their budgeting process.  Rates must be adopted by a resolution of the Board prior to them coming into effect. All rental rates once established must be promoted to the public through the website, rate cards, etc.  
3)      All rental rates as approved by the Board are exclusive of GST.
4)      During Peak Times all renters of the facility who require pre-event set-up or post event tear down must pay a fee of $250/incident.  Should the maximum times identified in this policy for set-up and or tear down be insufficient, renters will need to pay an additional days rent.  
5)      During non Peak Time, all renters of the facility who require pre-event set-up time and/or post event tear down time, will pay a fee/incident at the discretion of the Multiplex Management Board.  On no occasion however, can the fee charged by this Section exceed the fee that could be calculated and charged under Section 4.
6) The Russell Regional Multiplex requires any facility booking to be made at a minimum of 24 hours prior to the requested date to accommodate staff scheduling and set up.