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Multiplex Rental Agreement
TEL: (204) 773 2804  
– Renters are liable and responsible for all activities within the space they have rented within the Russell Regional Multiplex for the duration of the rental period.
  1. DEFINIITIONS                               
  i. Peak Time:
  Demand for access to the facility fluctuates by season and by time of day.  Based on historical usage the following are considered peak time:            
Monthly           September 15th – April 15th           
Daily                Monday-Friday            4 p.m. – 10 p.m.                                 
                        Saturday – Sunday      9 a.m. –   9 p.m.
In order to be considered a peak daily time, the date must be in a peak monthly period.                             
ii.            Non Peak Time:All times not included in the peak times as referred in 1(i).    
iii.           Set-up Time:Time required by a potential renter of the facility to set-up for their event. 
Setup time to be a maximum of 8 hours prior to date of event.                             
iv.            Tear Down Time:Time required by a potential renter of a facility to tear down and clean up after an event.  Maximum 10 hours after date of event.
 2. DOWN PAYMENT/DAMAGE DEPOSIT The Russell Regional Multiplex reserves the right to request a down payment/damage deposit on all rentals. The deposit must be paid upon the booking of the facility with the balance of the rental fee to be paid on the actual rental date. The deposit can be by cheque or cash. Deposits are required for the following Space:
Legion Room    $   25.00
Arena (ice out)  $  100.00
Concourse         $  50.00
Concession        $  50.00 (must be booked with one of the above spaces) 
Bookings will not be confirmed until the down payment/damage deposit has been paid with the rental agreement signed and returned to the Multiplex Office. In addition, for all rentals, a form of valid identification must be provided. The Russell Regional Multiplex requires any facility booking to be made at a minimum of 24 hours prior to the requested date to accommodate staff scheduling and set up.
 An inspection of the space and any Multiplex property in that space will be completed prior to and after each event by Multiplex maintenance staff.  If there is any damage which happened during the event, any items missing or any instructions not followed, the Renter is responsible for the cost of the repairs or missing items. This includes any damage or items missing that may have been used by a caterer.  All renter and user fee invoice terms are COD. Any invoice not paid will be subject to interest charges as established by the Management Committee.  Should the maximum times identified in this agreement for set-up and or tear down be insufficient during Peak Times all renters of the facility who require pre-event set-up or post event tear down must pay a fee of $250/incident. 
 Should the maximum times identified in this agreement for set-up and or tear down be insufficient during non Peak Times, all renters of the facility who require pre-event set-up time and/or post event tear down time will pay a fee/incident at the discretion of the Multiplex Management Board.  On no occasion however, can the fee charged by this Section exceed the fee that could be calculated and charged during Peak Times  
3. CANCELLATION POLICY In case of a cancellation, 30 days notice is required for all rentals except those exempted in Section 3(i). Cancellations not made within 30 days of the event will forfeit the down payment. i) Exemptions:  Ice surface RentalRental of the Ice surface will be exempt from the 30 day cancellation policy.  However Ice surface users must provide a minimum of 24hrs notice for non weather related cancellations to avoid a being charged for the ice time.  Weather related cancellations can occur with less than 24hrs notice but will be charged a $25.00 admin fee. Bunge Room Rental of the Bunge Room will be exempt from the 30 day cancellation policy.  However Bunge Room users must provide a minimum of 24hrs notice for non weather related cancellations to avoid a being charged for the rental time.  Weather related cancellations can occur with less than 24hrs notice but will be charged a $15.00 admin fee.
 4. CONCESSION ACCESS Should a Renter require access to the Concession as part of their event they will be responsible to adhere to the Concession/Kitchen Rules, Section 10) of this Agreement.  
 5. LICENSED EVENT  i) Consumption of alcohol at the Multiplex facility must be in compliance with all Provincial Statutes and Manitoba Liquor Control Commission Policies regarding permitting. 
 ii) The Multiplex Management Committee will have a zero tolerance policy with regard to individuals, teams or organizations that do not adhere to Section 4(1).  Non compliance with Section 4(1) will result in the following disciplinary action being taken by the Committee: 
a. First Offence – suspension of the individual, team, organization or their representative (i.e. coach, manager) for a period of no less than 30 days. 
b. Second Offence – suspension of the individual, team, organization or their representative (i.e. coach, manager) for a period of no less than 180 days. 
c.  Third Offence – permanent suspension of the individual, team, organization or their representative (i.e. coach, manager).
 iii) Suspension of individuals, teams, organizations or their representative relates to all activities at the Multiplex including access to the Fitness Centre, walking track, ice surface, seating area, concourse and Legion Rooms.
 iv)  It is the responsibility of the Renter to apply for a temporary permit from the Manitoba Liquor Control Commission for their event and to post the permit during the event. 
v) The Renter shall adhere to the regulations in the liquor permit. It is important to note that drinks are allowed ONLY IN THE LICENCED AREA(S).  
vi) Drinks are not allowed outside the facility 
vii) All empty and full bottles MUST be removed the same day. 
viii) If serving food, all supplies and materials must be returned to their original locations.
 ix) The Multiplex shall provide ice, pre-mix & cups
 x)  Bartenders and Security Staff are required and must be supplied by the renter. They must be easily identifiable.
 xi) Corkage is calculated by the unit. One unit is one 25 oz. or 750 mL bottle of liquor or 24 bottles of beer, or one 2 L bottle of wine. 
xii) Corkage charges are calculated as follows:Minimum charge - $150 for the first 10 units$15/ unit charge on all subsequent units  
6. AUDIO/VISUAL SYSTEM OPTIONS A portable PA system can be included with the rental of the facility for a fee of $25.00 and will be set up by the caretakers upon request. Rental for a digital projector is $50. Renter must provide their own laptop computer.  
7. DECORATIONS No nails, tacks, tape or screws are to be used during decorating. This facility allows ONLY Fun Tack as a tool for hanging decorations on walls. No form of tape is allowed on the floor, as this can damage the wax. If walls or floors are damaged as a result of any decorating methods there will be a damage fee added to the Renter’s final billing. No confetti allowed in or on the premises. Helium Balloons will not be permitted in the facility. All decorations must be removed by the Renter after the function. 
8. OTHER In particular, and without limiting the generality of the following, the Renter acknowledges and agrees that: i. The building owners, operators, police and liquor inspection have a lawful right of entry to inspect the Premises at any time during the Function and to enforce all applicable laws. 
  ii. The Renter is liable for any and all damage to the Premises which occur during the Period of Occupancy. The Multiplex may, at its own discretion, relieve the Renter from liability upon production of evidence satisfactory to the Multiplex Management Committee that the damage occurred from a cause entirely unrelated to the function. 
  iii. The Renter shall not occupy the Premises without first providing evidence in writing satisfactory to the Town of comprehensive general liability insurance for the mutual benefit of both the Renter and the Town of Russell, The Multiplex Management Committee & Employees, against claims for bodily injury, including death, and property damage or loss arising out of the use or occupation of the Premises by the Renter, its agents, servants, employees, contractors and invitees; such insurance shall be for the amount of not less than Two Million ($2,000,000.00)Dollars per occurrence with a maximum aggregate of Two Million ($2,000,000.00) Dollars.
 iv. The Renter’s right of occupancy for the Premises hereunder shall be immediately forfeit and at an end and the Renter shall forthwith surrender possession of the premises to the Multiplex Management Committee, if any liability insurance to be provided hereunder is cancelled or reduced below the minimum coverage required for the Function.
 v. The Renter shall indemnify and save harmless the Town of Russell, The Multiplex Management Committee & Employees from and against any and all claims, demands, actions, loss, costs, damages or expenses whatsoever for which the Town of Russell , Multiplex Management Committee & Employees shall or may become liable or incur or suffer as a covenant, term or provision of this Agreement, or by reason of any injury occasioned to, or suffered by, any person or damage to any property, arising by reason of any wrongful act, neglect or default on the part of the Renter or any of its employees, agents, contractors, customers, licenses, invitees, or any other person permitted by the Renter to be on the Premises. 
 vi. The Town of Russell, The Multiplex Management Committee & Employees shall not be liable nor responsible in any way for any personal or consequential injury of any nature whatsoever may that be suffered or sustained by the Renter or by any employee, agent, customers, licensees, invitees, or any other person while such person is in or about the Premises, save such as is caused by the gross negligence of the Town of Russell, The Multiplex Management Committee it’s employees, its agents,& servants. For greater certainty, but without restricting the generality of the foregoing, the Town of Russell, The Multiplex Management Committee & Employees shall not be liable for: 
a. Any damage or damages of any nature whatsoever to any property caused by failure, breakdown or other cause, to supply adequate drainage, snow or ice removal, or by   interruption or failure of any service or utility or elevator or other service, or by steam, water, rain, snow, or other substances leaking into, issuing or flowing into any part of the Premises or from the water, stream, sprinkler or drainage pipes or plumbing of the Premises, or from any other place or quarter, or for any damage caused by anything done or omitted to be done by any other renter, its agents, servants, employees, licensees, or invitees; 
b. Any act, omission, theft, malfeasance or negligence on the part of any agent,contractor or person from time to time employed by the Multiplex to perform janitor services, security services, supervision or any other work in or about the Premises; or 
c. Loss or damage, however caused, to books, records, files, money, securities, negotiable             instruments, papers, computer equipment (including hardware and software) or other valuables of the Renter, its agents, employees, servants, licensees, and invitees; vii. The Renter shall indemnify the Town of Russell, The Multiplex Management Committee & Employees against and from all loss, costs, claims, or demands in respect of any injury, loss or damage referred to above.
 viii. The Renter acknowledges that the Russell Regional Multiplex (RRM) is a tobacco free facility. NO TOBACCO use is allowed anywhere inside the building. Smoking is allowed outside the building at designated locations, where a receptacle is provided. ix. The Renter has read this agreement in its entirety and understands the terms and provisions thereof and, if an individual, is of the age of majority. 8. REFUSAL The Russell Regional Multiplex reserves the right to restrict, refuse, or decline any rental requests that are deemed inappropriate by management. This may or may not include rentals that are known to have caused previous issues or issues in other facilities, usage of illegal substances, and any other cause as determined by the management.
 9. RENTAL FEES  The fees to be charged for the facility are determined based on the rates approved by the Multiplex Management Committee and in place at the signing of this agreement.  
10. CONCESSION KITCHEN/RULES When the Concession is rented as part of this agreement it is intended to be an assembly area only and not used for the preparation of food.  The daily rate is reflective on the limited use of the facility.  In addition the following must be adhered to all users:
 i. All dishes, cutlery and utensils must be properly washed and returned to their original carts or shelves as labeled. Failure to do so will result in additional charges. No dishes, roasters, coffee perks, or any other equipment or property are to be taken from the facility for any reason.
 ii. All coffee perks and carafes must be cleaned properly. ii. Range, ovens, and ALL kitchen equipment used must be cleaned properly. Please ensure that all kitchen appliances are properly shut down after use.
 iv. The deep fryers and griddle are only to be used with prior special arrangement with the Multiplex Management. 
v. All garbage is to be placed in supplied garbage bags, tied and placed into the garbage containers located outside the West doors.  All cardboard boxes, empty bottles and recyclable containers need to be separated and deposited into the recycling bin located next to the garbage bin outside the West exit doors. If not, there will be a surcharge of $25. 
vi. The caterer is responsible for providing any serving or food preparation items not provided by the Russell Multiplex.             
I/We the undersigned, hereinafter called the "Renter”, have rented: 
The _____________________________________________________within the Russell  Regional Multiplex, on
(Dates) _____________________----______________________,
 I/We realize that the building owners, operators, police and liquor inspectors have every right to inspect these premises at any time during the function and to enforce the laws prevailing.
TELEPHONE (Residence):____________________________
TELEPHONE (Other):_______________________________
EMAIL :______________________________­­­­____________
DRIVER’S LICENSE NUMBER :_______________________­­­­­­­­­_____________ 
Invoice terms are COD. Any invoices not paid within this time will be subject to interest charges. Any invoices not paid will be subject to a collection agency. I/WE have read the above agreement in its entirety and agree to all its terms and conditions. 
 Please remember to enclose the required down payment/damage deposit to confirm your booking.
Cheques should be made payable to ‘Russell Regional Multiplex’. Box 10, Russell, MB R0J 1W0.
 See Attachment 1 in regards to liability insurance application.