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Facility Rates
Facility Rates effective July 2017
Russell Redi-Mix Concrete Arena
ICE RENTAL (October -March)
Local User (Hourly)
Peak Rate  Monday - Friday   4pm-10pm   $ 94.50   plus GST
                  Saturday -Sunday 9am-9pm      $ 94.50   plus GST
Non Peak (Hourly)                                        $ 77.00   plus GST
Non Local User (Hourly)                              $115.50  plus GST

Vanguard Fitness Center
Gym & Walking Track
Daily Drop In Fee   $10.00 GST Included
Individual Annual    $400.00   plus GST
                    Semi   $275.00   plus GST
                    Qtrly    $150.00   plus GST
               Monthly    $ 50.00    plus GST
               Weekly     $ 30.00    plus GST
     Family Annual    $800.00   plus GST
    Student Semi      $150.00  plus GST
    Student Qtrly       $90.00     plus GST
    Student Annual   $250.00   plus GST
   * The Student rates are for students up to 18 years of age
Facility User Rates - For Members of Russell Minor Hockey, Russell Rams and Figure Skating
Individual Annual    $250.00 plus GST
Family Annual         $500.00 plus GST
Walking Track Only
Daily $2.00 GST Included
Individual Monthly $30.00 plus GST
Individual Annual  $150.00 plus GST
      Legion Room *                                               $150.00 Daily plus GST
         -Half day rate 4hrs inc. set up/tear down) $100.00 plus GST
      Russell Inn Concourse Area *                        $250.00 Daily plus GST
      Reavies Pharmacy Concession/Kitchen *      $100.00 Daily plus GST
      Bunge Multi-purpose Room*                          $7.00 per Hour plus GST
      (Set up and tear down fee of $50.00 plus GST may be applicable)
      Non Ice Arena Surface*                                  $1000.00 Daily plus GST
 * Proof of Liability Insurance is required when renting our facility, please contact Colynda Wyatt @ 204   773 2253 for more information and rates 
 * Legion Room rental with ice arena event $250.00 plus 54 admission tickets
 * Concourse Area rental with ice arena event $250.00 plus 159 admission tickets
    Please Call for more information (204) 773 2804