Mayors Message

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The news of a province wide extension of Code Red was met with frustration, anger and sadness.  Is this the best solution to the Pandemic? - Is it fair that we are included?- not to us locally - however we have remained steadfast in our diligence and our lower numbers reflect that, while other areas are seeing an increase in cases, we must be doing something right!


Manitoba Government has offered municipalities the 'opportunity' - at costs entirely borne by the province - to hire COVID Bylaw enforcement officers to ensure that Code Red protocol is being followed.  MRB Council all agreed NOT to do this at present.  We feel that our residents and businesses are doing their absolute best to follow regulations and will continue to do so.  Every time a new guideline or regulation was introduced, that change and challenge was accepted and the best was made of a bad situation.  So again, thank you for giving 100%.


There are Manitoba Health Officers doing random visits to our towns to check that Code Red regulations are being followed.  MRB is not involved with this at all.  I spoke with the RCMP who agree that by working together, a local officer is not needed but should a public gathering or business step outside the guidelines, the RCMP will respond and deal with the situation.  


Does anyone really know what is around the COVID 19 corner - maybe not,  but I do know that now is not the time to quit the race.


(December 11, 2020)