Mayors Message

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It’s hard to believe that a month has passed since my last message. 


Since then, Council has met for a budget meeting and discussed, line by line, with Senior Staff, the 2021 proposed budget.   As a result, the First reading of budget has been passed.   The next step is that of a public meeting, whereby residents of MRB have the opportunity to ask questions and get explanations about this year's budget.  This year, there will be two Public Meetings - April 28 at 6:00 PM in the GPB Hall in Russell and April 28 at 8:00 PM in the Binscarth Community Hall. 


On a different note, you are probably aware that COVID 19 “Pop Up” Vaccination Clinics have been established in the GPB Hall. Check online or call 1-844-626-8222 for an appointment  These clinics provide access without the need to travel distances and provide a greater number of people to be vaccinated.  I have spoken with Prairie Mountain Health who encourages everyone eligible to get vaccinated.  (Of course, continue to follow the other Manitoba Health guidelines.)


History has proven again and again that vaccinations are successful in prevention of illnesses. Ultimately, we can only do our best in protecting ourselves and those we care about; however, the choice to get vaccinated or not remains our own. 


Until next time, stay safe and be kind, 



(April 22, 2021)