COVID-19 Updates for Senior Services

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Val Ferguson Update June 9th, 2021

Seniors Update on Covid Vaccine & Exercises for the summer—June 9, 2021 Val Ferguson

Second Dose Eligibility of Covid Vaccine:

 Anyone who received their first dose of vaccine on or before May 4, 2021 can now book their second dose appointment.


Exercises:  Active Agers classes will be offered on demand this Summer via a fitness app in which KH Fitness has created. Where you can stream one hour long videos of Active Agers classes, Yoga and Foam Rolling classes at your own convenience as many times as you’d like throughout the week on any mobile device and computer. 

These classes are focused on, Building muscle and bone density. Improving cardiovascular health and mobility. Mobility is an important factor in our daily lives, more so as we age to keep our independence, so classes are focused deeply on flexibility training at the end of each class. 

There’s no going down on the floor and I provide modifications for each exercise so anyone at any fitness level can and will benefit. Class is done using a chair, dumbbells and booty band (optional).

We have one life so it’s important to live out the best life possible by staying fit to better our mental health, feel confident, strong, pain free and mobile.  These classes start May 31 to end of July.   Contact Val for more details. Thank you all for your patience with our upcoming Active Agers classes.


If anyone is in need of a Medic Chair I know a person who has a real good chair for sale.   Contact me if you are interested.


In honour of Dad’s everywhere, our Father’s Day special starts today! (includes Mom’s too!)  Lifeline is offering 2 months free on any service plan, valid until June 25th!   Contact Val.


Friend derives from a word meaning “free”.  A friend is someone who allows us the space and freedom to be.