COVID-19 Updates for Senior Services

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Senior Services of Banner County report of Val Ferguson 

Feb. 3, 2021

1. Binscarth Drop In Centre – Closed during Covid Red!  Rentals contact Edna Thompson 204-532-2307.

Senior Services--Val will be working out of her office please call for appointment.

2.   Footcare call Val (you can get this done during Covid)

3.   Vibra Pro Machine: make pre arrangements for use.

4.  Wheelchair is available for rent.

5.  Active Agers exercise classes are planned to start Feb 22.   Taught by Kaelynn Hayden.  We will take a few steps back in intensity so we can slowly build back to where we left off!   We’re still in code red restrictions, but hopefully they will get lifted so we can have some live classes back but if they aren’t then all classes will continue to be virtual as they were in our last session.  Below is a sample of what our class schedule will look like with the possibly of changes being made.  SAMPLE CLASS SCHEDULE:  Monday: Active Agers Binscarth 1:30-2:30  FREE to Drop in Members. Classes will be limited due to covid restrictions  Tuesday: Virtual Active Agers Class 10AM-11AM Free to drop in members of Binscarth.  (Classes are supported by the Gov’t of Canada’s Emergency Community Support Fund & Living Legacy Community Foundation). *OPEN TO EVERYONE ELSE TO JOIN with payment.  Thursday: Virtual or LIVE Session at new location (Possibility of Shoal Lake being added).  Registration is required due to Covid regulations and virtual classes need an email address to hook you up.  Email your email to Kaelynn @ and live classes register with Val leave a message on the machine and I will get back to you.

6.Handi-Transit Contact Michael 204-773-6945.  (still happening during Covid Red).

7. During this time of self isolation Arbuckles Fresh Meal Program is delivering meals to people. (Each week you have a choice of 3 meals for $35.00; or $12.00 each meal and 1 homemade soup -500 ml. $5.00 or 1 liter $10.00.) Each meal contains a small dessert.  You must order by Saturday to ensure Tuesday delivery.  If you have any questions you can call 204-532-2099.  Meals are being delivered to Binscarth, Russell, Angusville, St. Lazare and Birtle usually delivered on Wednesdays. Note:  If you have any gift certificates for the Family Suppers held at the Drop In Centre you can use them for the Fresh Meal Program.

8.  Rob’s Place--Groceries are available in Binscarth for pick up and delivery any questions call 204-532-2067.  Let them know if you want to order something they don’t have.  Thanks Heather and Doug for helping to keep us supplied in what we need during this Covid time.  Lots of Non Essential items as well Doug and Heather have been busy reorganizing the store.   Take a look!

9. We have available pedal bikes which you sit on a chair and pedal for exercise available through Senior Services (also called Oxyciser).  

10.   CancerCare has access to limited funds to support our patients requiring additional assistance for their cancer care. If you are currently supporting an older adult with cancer who is requiring assistance for reasons related to COVID-19, we encourage you to submit a request to 

--NB:  Get out you spikies to wear in this ice.  It is not worth the risk of breaking or hurting something especially in this Covid time.


12.  Age Friendly Brandon info line 1-204-729-2525 maintained 7:30 am to 4:30pm.  Callers can speak live or leave a message to have your questions answered.  They will help you find the information you need to connect to community social and recreation activities.  Note: as much as possible status of activities are updated in light of Covid-19 physical distancing practices.


14.  House cleaning can happen during Covid.  If you so wish to have this service give me a call.


15.  Anyone have any ideas for a grant application?  There are grants coming up all the time during Covid and I would like to get ideas to apply for one.  If there is something especially in the virtual department as I think we are going to be doing this for awhile.


16.  The COVID-19 outbreak is continuing to evolve globally and in Manitoba. This outbreak may cause significant changes in people’s regular social activities.  Maintaining various safe forms of social connection in the face of COVID-19 is important.  Things you can do-- Check in regularly with your network via telephone, text, social media, skype, etc.  .• Check in with people you know who live alone  • You can boost your social contact from home by taking part in FREE social activities offered to all Manitobans aged 55+ via telephone through Senior Centre Without Walls  (1-888-333-3121) • Keep up to date with evolving public health recommendations. MB Health:  

17.  There is a walking path around the Binscarth Golf Course for anyone wishing to use it.  There are several entry ways and reports are that the people are enjoying this.  They have added several rest stops along the trail in case you get tired!  So if you can‘t walk too far only go around half way the trail exits at several places or rest on one of the bales!  Enjoy the fresh air and surroundings.