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Just twenty minutes north of Russell is one of North America's top fishing lakes. Lake of the Prairies is a man made reservoir created by the Shellmouth Dam. Two rivers, the Assiniboine and the Shell River both feed into the lake creating a beautiful recreational area. The Asessippi Provincial Park is located on one side of the lake with a camp ground, concession, mini golf course and more. Further north of the park is Prairie Lake Lodge with an 18-hole golf course and club house. You can also access the lake from a number of different locations. Water skiing, kayaking and a whole host of activities are available here as the lake has lots of room.There are also a number of events held on the lake including the summer walleye event and winter ice fishing derby.

There is even more fishing in the area. While walleye is the top catch on Lake of the Prairies, you will also find many more great lakes in the area. Spear Lake, Assiniboine River, East Goose Lake, Shell River, Silver Beach, Deep Lake, Arrow Lake, Seech Lake and Tokarok Lake are all within a one hour radius with excellent trout and fly fishing experiences.

Please see the Fish and Lake Improvement Program for the Parkland Region or FLIPPR for short!

Russell also has a Recreational Fishing League, a non-profit group dedicated to introducing youth to fishing. To get involved call 204-773-2422.